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A heart monitor for your conversion rate.
No devs required.
Become an ecommerce hero.

It's sorta like Google Analytics, but actually fun to use.

So, you already know that conversion rate is pretty important for your online store.

Bassoon just makes it really easy to keep an eye on it.

Here's an example.

You decide to add video to your product pages. Your team works for a few weeks to integrate it, and you finally pull the trigger. Pretty slick. It's live.

Except that the video doesn't load for visitors on iPhones. Their conversion rate starts tanking.

Bassoon would have alerted you as soon as it saw conversion dropping for iPhone visitors.


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You probably think you should pay more attention to your conversion rate.

But it's hard to stay on top of conversion. Tools like Google Analytics are tough to use, and offer a lot of stuff you don’t care about.

You just want to keep your eye on conversion rate. It's probably your most important metric. It'd be nice if something just automatically reported conversion every day so you didn't have to remember.

Bassoon emails your team a daily report of conversion every morning. Start each day with a fresh focus.

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But it's not just you that cares about conversion.

If you're part of a larger team, you want everyone to care about your most important metric. If you're optimizing for anything, your team should probably be optimizing for conversion rate.

But it's not enough to just share your conversion rate at a meeting every once in awhile. You want to know that everyone else is always watching conversion too.

So Bassoon is designed as a real-time dashboard out of the box.

It looks great on a large display, so it works really well for a central dashboard in your office.

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It's probably a good idea to sign up for Bassoon.

For one, if you join our beta, you get a nice long free trial (like months), so you don't have a lot to lose by just trying this thing out.

It probably makes a lot of sense to sign up if you sell things online. Bassoon works natively with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento, which is cool, but also works for just about any other business that sells things online!

Basically, Bassoon is pretty cool, it's really easy to use, and makes you better at your job.

Sign up for our beta.

Getting started literally takes a few seconds, but we're not quite ready for prime time.

If you manage an ecommerce site and want to try out Bassoon in beta, just enter your email and we'll reach out immediately.

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